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The team at PVS have been designing and installing audio systems since the early 90s. In that time, technology has improved immensely but the basics have remained the same. The principles of great sound reproduction have not changed and that is where our teams experience begins to show.

Key Things To Consider When Designing An Audio System

  • Number of rooms that need sound.
  • The size of each room and the materials in the room which may affect the accoustics.
  • How you want to control the audio system.
  • Ambient noise levels.
  • What sources will be required e.g. microphones, music player.

PVS design and install audio systems for large venues, factories, warehouses, lecture theatres, meeting spaces, pubs and bars, public areas and nightclubs.

Awesome Leisure Audio Visual Solutions

Background Music Systems

Bar Audio Systems

Bar Audio Systems

Gym Audio Systems

Gym Audio Systems

Church AV Systems

Houses Of Worship


Induction Loop Systems

Restaurant Audio

Restaurant Audio Systems


School & College PA Systems

Sporting Venue PA Systems

PA Systems For Sporting Venues

ip speaker

PA Over IP Systems

PA For Factory

Factory & Warehouse


PA Systems

Leisure Centre Sound Systems

Leisure Centre Audio Systems

Dj Systems

Nightclub Audio Systems