Houses Of Worship PA Systems

PVS have installed audio systems in numerous houses of worship. We design, supply and install discrete audio systems to suit the fabric of the building.

We select the appropriate equipment to suit the building and can offer a range of speakers that can be custom coloured to blend in with stone pilars or the surroundings in general.

Church sound systems vary massively in complexity. From just two full range speakers and a microphone to a large flown line array system to cover 1000s of listeners.

An audio system for a house of worship usually comprises of a lectern microphone, lapel microphones, a mixing desk and full range speakers. Multiple microphone inputs as well as remote input plates for a band are commonplace.

Our audio systems are suitable for live worship bands or recorded music. Coupled with an induction loop system, everyone gets to hear and enjoy the service. 

For more information on leisure centre audio systems please contact us.