Restaurant Audio Systems

Restaurants have wide range of clientele throughout the day and night. The type of music and the volume it is played at needs to reflect this. Used correctly a well designed audio system can create the right sort of atmosphere for your venue. Well installed small discrete speakers can give good coverage across the venue at low levels.

Our system designers will ensure that the correct type and brand of speakers are specified for your venue and are paired with the correct amplifiers.

Zoned Systems

PVS have a wealth of experience in this field offering a wide range of zoned background music systems. Our systems can be designed for a single zone or a much larger venue with 2, 4, 8, 16 or even 32 zones. By having separate zones not only can each area have different volume levels but also different audio.

We can supply and install centralised or localised volume and music selector controls or wireless iPad or tablet control.

For more information on restaurant audio systems please contact us.