PA / Audio Over IP

PVS design and install IP based PA systems. Using your existing data network we can distribute audio across your organisation. Small amplifiers can be located wherever you have a network point which means there is no need for long runs of speaker wire from a large central amplifier and because it is IP based you can add to the system as you grow and expand.

Because each IP speaker or group of speakers, is assigned its own IP address, individual speakers or zones can be paged making an IP PA system far more flexible than a wired system.

Multiple Site PA Systems

If your company operates over multiple sites or multiple buildings on the same site a Public Address over IP solution is what you need.

Using your existing network infrastructure, audio over IP technology can be used to create one PA system across multiple sites or buildings.

Multi-building and multi-location announcemnts can be made as long as all the locations are on the same network.

For more information on PA over IP systems please contact us.